Thursday Highlights

Good day.

  1. Well, that kind of overconfidence is something I don’t have to worry about.
  2. Kinda schadenfroody … Let’s see it take $250k just to jump regulatory burdens in CA to open a hamburger joint, companies that want to startup building cars go to 3 wheels to avoid the high costs of regulation (see Aptera), and so on. All Democrat inspired regulatory burdens that are mostly useless, expensive and hampering real progress. But go ahead, get pissed if it applies to your pet projects. 
  3. Manufacturing and myths.
  4. That health mandate ruling, an objective (non ideological) description.
  5. I don’t get Engaget’s bias here. This is the umpteenth Android tablet they’ve noted “on parity in price” with this and that … but forgetting to mention it’s $100 more than the Asus Transformer? Why the omission? Is it a anti-Taiwan bias I wonder?
  6. Speaking of ID and evolution.
  7. History as a Lawyer is different than not (a lawyer). Specifically a non-Lawyer looks at the Jackson legacy quite differently.
  8. Is that a good example for young girls with big dreams or big girls with young dreams?
  9. A reminder for our summer project … liberty and independence is not conceived as the maximization of choice but of communion in love.
  10. The unsung consequences (which no liberal will admit even afterwards) to Mr Walker’s school budget union fight.
  11. More unsung, the unnoticed consequences of that 4th circuit Obamacare-as-Constitional ruling.

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