Tuesday Highlights

Good morning to y’all!

  1. Newsflash, some fired employees are disgruntled.
  2. Duh.
  3. Having taught two daughters to drive stick … it’s really not that hard. I suspect fictional exaggeration.
  4. Same sex marriage.
  5. Hmm. Not impressed with US foreign policy I suspect.
  6. Pretty pistol … one slipped past quality checks however.
  7. Chronology of drone strike procedures, aka how we changed in our ways of committing undeclared acts of war.
  8. There’s a slang term for that, “short eyes” … the answer isn’t covering the girls … its jailing the pervs (and in a place were short eyes is a de facto death sentence by fellow convict for the convicted). Remember the movie “Stick”?
  9. So, now everyone knows about Richard III. Here’s an excellent book on his life by one of the best writers of English historical fiction in the stacks.
  10. Hence …. dismal science.
  11. Heh … and we have found the heel to fill it.
  12. Uh. Riiiight. 😉
  13. Don’t worry, the liberal elite think SSM is more important (even though the numbers affected are basically on par).