Friday (and Thursday) Highlights

Good morning. It’s zero out here in the Chicago south suburbs … bracing is what that is.

  1. The first sentence seems to be the hypothesis for what follows … do you think it’s true (in both respects … that is, it it true and does Mr Obama believe it to be true)?
  2. A short film.
  3. The patron saint of … what?
  4. Gun run.
  5. Doncha hate when that happens.
  6. Better bike news.
  7. So … when you consider that the left wants to put stiff restrictions on what is allowed in the Constitution … well, that doesn’t happen with other stuff like religion, the press, and speech (remember the Volokh series on speech on college campuses)┬áRight? Oh, never mind.
  8. More on the press here.
  9. Profiling and the assault ban.
  10. Apparently my notions of what is tactically suggested is outdated, but I’ll bet Mr Biden didn’t know that either. And I still contend a semi-auto shotgun in Sandy Hook wouldn’t have had a better outcome.
  11. Corporate cash holding growth explained.
  12. No. Duh. And the guy who ruled yes must be an idiot.
  13. Remember the claims that Obama has reduced the deficit? … Not so you’d notice.
  14. No names and why.
  15. Why we don’t want Uncle Sam minding more of the store.
  16. For the super bowl .. I really like Mr Arkush when he’s on the radio … he write pretty well too.
  17. Snerk. (So … am I a terrible person ’cause I found that amusing)?
  18. Chick-Fil-A and football.
  19. From a communist on guns. And the left (TPM?) has been touting the “armed citizens” can’t stand up to modern trained soldiers. Right. That’s a straw man. But a politician has to go out in and face his public.