Links 8/24 (the other half?)

Since my “links” where short this morning, here are some more (and I’ll try to beat the muse and yank another essay out of her tonight as well 🙂 ).

  • The Hatemongers arrive at the DMV. As a result they have the 24 hour “Libertarian flu”, as exposure to government “efficiency” is the best argument out there for privatizing way more than we do.
  • Like David Wayne aka JollyBlogger I’ve never really understood poetry at its essential level. The Anchoress, I gather is not that way, as she cites poetry … when feeling torpor. I sleep when I feel that way, different strokes, eh?
  • What I guess is a regular feature, as I’ve only started to be a regular reader, Sherry at Semicolon gives us “born today”, featuring Max Beerbohm.
  • Via IntolerantElle news on the popular idea of what start the reformation … indulgences. Having been digging my way through MacCulloch’s history of the Reformation … I’d have to say that’s not as crucial as usually thought.
    • ’nuff said.

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