Morning Links 7/15

Good Morning.

  • Catez (allthings2all) writes on Paul.
  • Richard Fernandez (Belmont Club) writes on a serial killer in Basra and how the different cultures are reacting to it … and what that might mean.
  • Sarah (an Intellectuelle) is presenting at the bioethics conference. She posts it as most of us of course can’t attend.
  • David Schraub (The Debate Link) has kindly posted a response to my repeated posts hunting for reasons why the partisan circus surrounding the President’s nominees might be a good thing. While I don’t agree … at least now I can rest believing knowing there are some non-partisan logical reasons for wanting it.
  • Do any of you (like me) read webcomics? There’s a new one based on Well’s War of the Worlds (HT: Ralf Goergens at Chicago Boyz)
  • The Anchoress writes on the Plame affair.
  • Ed Morrissey (Captains Quarters) writes about recent Democrat tactics. He wonders if they are learning from their mistakes?

Good luck hunting.

(note: haloscan seemed to be down this morning, so I didn’t manage much trackback. If I remember, I’ll try again later).

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