TdF: Stage 3

Tom Boonen makes it two. His main rival, Aussie rider Robbie McEwan was relagated for “argy-bargy” (presumably some Aussie term as the news site I’m getting this from is run by them down under folk). Anyhow, Stuart O’Grady (another Aussie) is plenty miffed by Robbie’s behavior. Boonen, O’Grady, and McEwan are all sprinters vying for the green jersey. Boonen has it now, but the green jersey can be gotten in the final sprints in the first week, but is very often won for keeps in the many intermediate sprints in the last two weeks. It is a grind for those sprinters to keep fighting for all the sprint points especially in the mountain stages.

Tomorrow is the team time trial. I’ve participated in a few 4 man team time trials myself. The power, speed, and teamwork matched with the suffering that comes with time trialing makes it a wondrous thing be a part of. I can barely imagine a 9 man team time trial especially where each member is so strong and fit. It’s a thing of beauty.

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  1. Frank says:

    You are making me look bad Mark, I blogged a lot more then you today on the stage and your stuff is still better post here …oh well I will just have to work harder to keep up with you on the downhill sprint finishes…** LOL **.

    McEwan’s sprint liked like me going uphill at 15%, i.e. more right to left then forward. Sad, sad form, and due to the fact thta there is little love lost been McEwan and O’Grady I would say that the finish of stage 5 will look more like roller derby then professional cycling.

    The TTT tommorrow is my wife’s favorite stage, she has already ask me three times to be sure I have the VCR set….great stuff as always.