Cycling: Or Why Lemarkian Ideas are Tempting

Here in Cebu near the Marriott where I’m lodging there is a “Fitness First” gym which holds spinning classes every weekday evening. I have attended 6 sessions (at a rate which is reasonable for the states, but considered extortion here … 500p per day). These spinning classes are held in a small studio, with about 35 bikes. It is well setup with a stage for the leader, powerful speakers, and a lighting system. What it lacks is any sort of ventilation. I have never perspired as much in a 50 minute session as in those classes. It is in the high 90’s with little air circulation, high humidity, and a hard workout. I think I can wring my shoes out after the ride, not to mention my towel and clothes.

Until last night, I kept wondering if heat-exhaustion of heat-stroke was threatening, I kept on until the class was over. However, suddenly yesterday the heat wasn’t so bad. Two weeks out here, plus the other spinning class and some physiological mechanisms are kicking in. I’m still sweating buckets, but … it doesn’t wring me out so bad. Tonight confirmed it, I’m getting acclimated. It is truly amazing how quick that can go. Seeing how good the human body is at that, leads one to wonder how tempting Lamarkian theories of evolution arose.