DACA Follies

So, the left is all up in arms over Mr Trump’s decision to end the DACA program in 6 months … if Congress doesn’t pass legislation and actually make DACA, you know, a practice that is now Constitutional. Instead of the current administrative usurping of Congressional authority.

Why they complain is beyond me. In any rational world, this is exactly what they would want, given that they support the program.

After all, after finding that Presidential decree is a poor substitute for statue after their former left leaning President decided to eschew trying to get things passed and just made proclamations that were calculated so that while not Constitutional it was usually unclear who had standing to challenge them. Those things can be reversed very easily when a President of the other party arrives in power and dismantles them. Strange that they haven’t noticed that.



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  1. Boonton@gmail.com says:

    This is very silly. First there are maybe 10-20M illegals in the country. Congress has only allocated funds sufficient for a tiny fraction of that number to be arrested and deported. The Executive is well within its rights to say it will target its limited enforcement powers. Limited enforcement of laws is the norm. There is probably no crime, except those that happen very rarely, that we have allocated the resources to have 100% enforcement. No state, for example, enforces speed limits 100% of the time, every state has cold case murder files, there are backlogs of rape kits not indexed against known offenders’ DNA.

    More importantly, no DACA supporter objections to legislation to make the program ‘legal’. The President and his administration range from indifference to outright hostility to such legislation which means the only thing stopping what is in fact unfair and immoral deportation of people who have done nothing wrong to us the general incompetence of this administration.