How Not to Report News

Via Google Now Ms Wonkette (who is apparently a man named Evan Hurst) on a blog I don’t actually follow but … , “she” reports that Ms Ivanka Trump has started a “pay for play ‘Clinton Foundation’ for the ladies” (scare quotes not quoted text btw). Just a few problems with that assertion:

  • there is no evidence anywhere in the article of any pay for play. Seems that you’d kinda needed if you make an allegation that there is some justification for the slur. Kinda like accusing a man, because he’s “naked under his clothes” of indecent exposure. Y’all know, he could take them off at any time. Just sayin.
  • It’s a charity and international donors have contributed.
  • Ivvvannnnkkaaa (?!) apparently that’s a bad thing. Alas, it isn’t.
  • And the last most damning thing. So, the Clinton’s ran a corrupt foundation for years. Wonkette has been defending the Clinton’s for years. If you ignore corruption on your team you have (kindergarden ethics 101: turnabout is fair play) no basis for attacking corruption of the same sort. You’ve already tacitly admitted it’s OK. The only people at this point able to make valid points against this new foundation are those who attacked the Clinton’s for the same thing. Alas the rub is, reliable reporting from the left no longer exists. If such evidence is (a) believable and (b) from reliable sources then I for one will attack those involved (verbally). Feel free to despise those like Wonkette for blatant hypocrisy.

So pretty much, no reason to post except to expose your bias and bigotry.

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