Swim Log 4-22-17 (race!) and the subsequent workouts

So Saturday I raced. The big twist was the course was meters (short course) not yards (the pool I train at is yards). I did a 44 in the 50, a 3:30 in the 200 and a DQ (bad start) on the 100. The 100 time was pretty bad as I was still shaking from the effort in the 200 before I started the 100. I think in the future I won’t sign up for 100s after a 100. Looks from the splits like I went out too fast in the 200 and barely survived. Also in the 8 weeks between this race and the last some bad habits had snuck in. Should have video’d my training some to get feedback or had a lesson. But it’s my very first year. The 3:30 by the “motivational time sheet” puts me under the “A” time which was my season goal. So I have that to fall back on.

The last few days (missed Monday) I’ve returned to a balanced workout, but my back and free are way way way out of shape. That should come back quickly if I hammer at it.

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