Exploding Heads or Heads in Sand?

So, today it is announced that “threats of violence” have cause Berkeley to cancel Ms Coulter’s visit to campus. So the party that compares the President to Hitler copies tactics of same . They have for a year or more through the election and beyond been using SA-like tactics to shut down opposition speech.

Either these idiots threatening violence are completely unaware that they are doing the acts they accuse the opposition of thinking of doing, or perhaps more likely, they are not ignorant of the irony implicit in their actions and decide evil done for what they perceive as good is not evil. So either their heads should explode due to cognitive dissonance, or they are ignoring history and their own actions.

For those who need a history lesson, the SA (The Gymnastics and Sports Division of the NDSAP (Nazi party)) was the enforcement arm used by Hitler. In the late 20s they began violent confrontations with other parties during those parties gatherings.

History, if you are ignorant of it, repeats itself. Apparently that which one is asked to “never forget” has been forgotten.

Or succinctly if you be liberal and not standing on a soapbox denouncing this strongly then … “stupid or evil … pick one” cause you’ve run out of other choices.

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  1. Sam Dobermann says:

    As you realize there can be groups SA like that can go around specifically to cause trouble and riots.

    You may notice it is a small group of males dressed mainly in black with face covering that cause the riots. They are the alt-right goons and they are proud of it. Their main targets are what they perceive as “The Left.” The “antifa” they call them.

    Carolyn O at @RVAwonk has been following these guys; you should look her twitter line. She retweets the chatter of various groups of these thugs. Also Look up @ProudBoysUSA
    They are one of the groups I described. They tweeted on 4/10 about the Berkeley event on 4/15 Said contact @ProudBoysLA @ProudBoysCA @BasedStickMan

    For example:

    Caroline O.‏ @RVAwonk 12h1
Kinda looks like someone was planning violence in Berkeley, doesn’t it?

Caroline O. added,

    Caroline O.‏ @RVAwonk 6h

    Kyle Chapman (BasedStickMan), 1 of the apparent instigators in Berkeley, was arrested. The tweet on the R confirms that he assaulted people.
    Caroline O.‏ @RVAwonk 6h

    Chapman (an already-convicted felon) is trying to raise $ for his bail through @PayPal.
    Caroline O.‏ @RVAwonk 7h

    Replying to @RVAwonk @PayPal
    Chapman threatened yesterday that he’s “coming for” other cities. Seems like an important detail for a guy trying to get bailed out of jail. pic.twitter.com/eFB1p6iBxc
    The group who planned & carried out the violence in Berkeley is “recruiting” for chapters in other locations.

    Now if police would keep close to these guys and pounce as soon as they start in, the riots would not happen. Watch Marches and demos; those without these goons are pretty peaceful. One thing they like to do is pretend to be liberals and/or post stuff doing that.

    I am a liberal and despise these animals.

  2. Mark says:

    I see. Well, that explains how the left is explaining the cognitive dissonance … by convoluted narrative it seems. The “alt-right” attacks the left at conservative rallies which causes all the fires, attacks and other violence. Mr Eric Clanton is a alt-right liberal? I suspect not.

    Was the alt-right fomenting violence at Trump rallies during the election? Seriously you need a better hypothesis. During the election the press put about an order of magnitude more articles on the KKK connection to Trump than there were actual living KKK members.

    “I am a liberal and despise these animals.” …. you despise the left wing violence or the violent response to continued left wing violence? Or do you despise all the violence no matter the source?

    Oh, and I don’t do twitter. S/N ratio way too low.

  3. Mark says:


    So I googled around a bit. Antifa is is not “what they call them”. It’s what they call themselves, at least according to that not very right wing blog “Mother Jones”.

  4. Boonton@gmail.com says:

    The Ann Coutler claim was a hoax. See http://seriouspod.com/sio40-actually-berkeley-fierce-defender-free-speech/, actually listen because it is a podcast. Long story short they knew she would attract a lot of protesters, they still were open to her coming. They wanted to have her speak at a building where the crowd could be more easily secured so supporters and opponents could have their speech but the chance of problems kept at a min. She didn’t like the proposed venue, then she threw out a different place and time, the College Republicans who invited her didn’t like it then she withdrew.