Why Come Back?

Well, after a year and a half of silence, why come back? Why come back now?

Politics I guess is part of it. Right now the political landscape has gotten weird. As the election season came along, I wasn’t a supporter of Mr Trump. However, having read most of Clinton Cash I decided that I was definitely in the NeverClinton camp. Mr Trump has his warts, but he didn’t have a history of selling the country his countries interests for personal gain. The second thing in Mr Trump’s favor was that on inspection most of the accusations against him (and after the election) those he selects are specious. For example, prior to the election it was widely touted that Mr Trump is sexist. One of the primary claims to back that up in the summer was his horrific (so it was said) “locker room” claim that he’d grabbed women’s by the crotch. Alas, on inspection .. the actual quote was somewhat different and what he actually said was the exact opposite of being sexist. He’d said that star struck women backstage at events would let you grab their p****y. Notice the word “would”. This isn’t a claim he did so. It was a statement of disapproval, that these women became so enamored of fame (as a bad thing) they would allow, well, too much. At the same time, many if not most of those accusing Mr Trump in this case of being over the top, were formerly supporters of the return (and exoneration) of Roman Polanski (accused and convicted of statutory rape and sodomy of a 13 y/old girl). There were other similar examples, over the top declamations in the press and blogs and so on … examine and substance vanishes.

Then, more recently, two incidents related to Mr Yiannopoulos occurred. The first is that liberal (possibly paid) ¬†thugs used violence to shut down speech at Berkeley and nobody in the mainstream seemed at all alarmed. Bloggers I formerly respected like Mr Schraub didn’t speak out in his defense. Then, highly edited versions of his speech were used¬†to defame him. Anyone on the planet who says anything can be accused and defamed by highly edited video. One can dislike Mr Yiannopoulos’ message, politics, and whatever. Doesn’t matter. Ms Hoyt is right. If you fail condemn in the strongest terms his being pilloried then, well, who will defend you when it happens to you or yours.

That being said, there is a silver lining to the press and their new found investigatory zeal and criticism of everything the President does. That is their job, well, to be honest that zeal without the over the top extreme partisan bias would be more correct. Alas, they didn’t remember that was their job during the prior administration to their shame.

That’s why I’ve returned to blogging, even my audience is sparse. As well, when I started a mission was to further understand the divide between right and left. That gap has widened in the last decade just a tad. Perhaps this time it will be easier to understand.

I had blogged my cycling, the sport and my forays into the same. I have SVT (a cardiac arrhythmia) which has taken me off the bike. A little over 3 years ago I replaced that with swimming. I’ve now entered two swim meets and am working towards a final meet of the season in April. I’ll be blogging about that (the sport and my forays) more in the future.

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  1. Hey, welcome back.

    I’ve been … stumped for a productive way forward with the political situation. Which, on reflection, is exactly the point of many individuals in the “opposition party”: they want to make anyone stumped how to get along with them, leaving open only the “concede to us” option. Current events have gone further down the road toward insurrection than I had wanted to see in my life, and I have an uneasy feeling they aren’t done expanding their horizons just yet.

    At any rate: welcome back.