Baseball Silliness

So Max Scherzer almost pitched a perfect game (stymied apparently by a guy leaning into a pitch to get a hit-by-pitch call). Now a perfect games is all good (9 innings 27 batters). You could of course improve on that.

  • Impossibly perfect game of the first degree, nine innings 27 strikeouts.
  • Impossibly perfect game 2nd degree, nine innings 27 pitches … all hit in play for an out on the first pitch.
  • Impossibly perfect game third degree. Pitchcount exactly 81 pitches. All strikes, three pitches per batter, with no foul balls on the third pitch, just strikes.
  • Impossible virginal perfect game, Pitch count exactly 81, all strikes no batter makes contact with a thrown pitch.

Any more suggestions for improvements?

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  1. buddyglass says:

    Corollary question:

    How disparate would the talent levels of pitcher and hitters need to be for the pitcher to have even odds of throwing an “impossibly virginal perfect game”?

    If you trotted Max Scherzer out against an average high school squad, would that be a big enough talent difference to give him a 50/50 shot?

    Given a sample size of 81 pitches, the odds of there being contact on a given pitch would need to be about 0.85% in order for Scherzer’s odds of a “impossibly virginal perfect game” to be 50%.

  2. Mark says:

    Mr Howard
    Yah. It will be a just a “few” years before we get one of those in the majors, eh? (where few is the sort of thing that astrophysicists talk about).