Money In A Mattress

Is apparently illegal. I never knew that. Mr Hastert is obviously being defended vigorously by the Bill Clinton defenders who seem to think lying to government official in order hide embarrassing ¬†events in ones’ past is a thing that is permitted (note, that they never seem to remember that attempting to tamper with witnesses is not that). Oh, wait. that’s not happening.

But actually, the only things Mr Hastert has been charged with so far .. are hiding money in a mattress (which is as noted illegal, … but who knew? I certainly did not) … and lying to the FBI about being blackmailed.

I do have another question about that. Look. You are being blackmailed. It is almost certain that when the authorities approach you some sensitivity is required by the authorities if they want to stop the crime of blackmail. Well. That failed utterly.

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  1. Boonton says:

    Hastert is not indicted for having money in a mattress nor about lying about being blackmailed. Hastert was so far indicted for violating banking laws, trying to avoid mandatory reporting requirements for withdrawing large sums of cash.

    He appears to have molested kids when he was a HS wrestling coach. How that can be equated to a person who has an extra-marital affair is something I’m not quite following.