A Little Confusion

So, the left has gotten unhinged about Mr Christie offering that vaccinations for kids be voluntary. This isn’t an “anti-vaccination” position, as he hasn’t said not get them. If you need evidence that they have gotten unhinged, the proof is in the conflation, equating “anti-vaccine” with “optional”.

Look. I’m not getting the kerfuffle. Explain to me the difference between optional flu shots and optional measles shots. The first is OK, the second a horrific idea. Not getting it. So. Explain. (hint: “It’s about the children” or “‘cause they are minors” earns you a dunce cap and won’t be considered a response). So why are flu shots not required for everyone? Hmmm?

Or is this just the purely partisan stupid hacking like it looks like?


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  1. Boonton says:

    There have always been some kids who didn’t get vaccinated for whatever reason. Likewise adults do sometimes loose immunity as they age and they tend to loose track of keeping up with being re vaccinated. This isn’t much of a problem provided most people are vaccinated, herd immunity.

    However, this all breaks down once you start indulging people in their delusions. Every person who is indulged to avoid vaccination increases the chances of an outbreak happening.

    This is a classic case of libertarian delusions. What is viewed as a matter of personal freedom is really a case of freeloading entwined with entitlement. By not vaccinating you are imposing a cost on everyone else, and that is no more a ‘right’ you have than it would be to dump your garbage on your neighbor’s lawn or pee on his deck.

  2. Mark says:

    You are not legally required to take a flu shot. Why not? Why do you pretend that childhood measles are worse than the flu.

  3. Boonton says:

    Actually mandatory flu shots in school, or at least voluntary ones would probably be a good idea. The flu shots effectiveness does fall off with age and children tend to spread the virus more than adults.

    In terms of what is worse, I suspect measles probably is. The relatively few children who die every year of measles is a product of our imperfect herd immunity. If there was no measles vaccines available versus no flu vaccines what would the stats look like?

  4. Mark says:

    You ask

    If there was no measles vaccines available versus no flu vaccines what would the stats look like?

    See link and quoted item in this. Influenza is more dangerous than measles. Sorry. Heck, driving your car or walking alone at night is more dangerous.

    Support your contention that the vaccine doesn’t work for middle aged people. You still haven’t explained why the flu vaccine shouldn’t be universally mandated. Who on the left is crying for that?

    You do realize this is just partisan politics. By and large, demographically, the anti-vaxers mostly comprise the “Whole Foods” shopper crowd. How do you figure they vote?

  5. Boonton says:

    I didn’t say the vaccine doesn’t work for middle aged people, its effects are thought to decrease with time so middle aged people who are not on top of renewing their vaccines are at risk should we loose ‘herd immunity’.

    I’m also not sure I buy the low death rate due to measles. Some infections are safer to get as a child than as an adult. In the pre-vaccine world many small children would get infected and gain lifetime immunity. A world absent herd immunity could see lots of adult deaths before we settled back down to the pre-vaccine state of a few hundred deaths per year.

    You still haven’t explained why the flu vaccine shouldn’t be universally mandated.

    No vaccine is universally mandated, measles is just required for most schools. But I would be open to treating the flu vaccine the same way.