Last Nights Belated Link Post

So, what do we find?

  1. Consider the hypothetical
  2. Innocence and loss.
  3. Snow.
  4. Yikes!
  5. Where accuracy is king.
  6. Your administration, restricting liberty every which way it can.
  7. Of income and nation.
  8. Camouflage.
  9. It looks like a case of overhype. In which “Potentially leading to a solution” actually means potentially maybe leading to something, but … maybe not.
  10. The response by Ferguson police examined.

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One comment

  1. Boonton says:

    #1 if that map was color coded based on population that spoke English then China would have more English speakers than the US. But aren’t we talking about overlapping Empires here? The ‘English Speaking Empire’ is not quite the same thing as the British Empire (unless you want to downgrade our Revolutionary war to a mere civil war inside the larger Empire).

    #7 Looking carefully at the 1970 graph, there’s a very odd hump in the ‘middle class’ zone of $5K-$10K (I’m not sure if this hump is the US middle class because of the way they convert all the incomes to ‘international dollars’). Anyway it does seem to align with the vew of a healthier middle class in the 70’s. Today the two humps are gone and the curve has returned to a single hump. If you were in the 2nd hump, the expansion has been rather modest. Not sure what, if anything, tha tmeans.