Tuesday Highlights

Last full day in Jersey.

  1. Of course, what he misses is that those millions would be captive Democrats.
  2. PC from the CP. Succinct.
  3. In that same vein.
  4. A suit that shouldn’t win.
  5. A question asked.
  6. Origen would not seen a difficulty and that was in the 2nd century.
  7. If anyone doubts modern liberals are clueless when it comes to Christian beliefs, doubt no longer.
  8. Tech and art working together.
  9. A very non-standard interpretation of Shostakovitch’s 7th.
  10. Uhm, some Duh Science. Stress impacts the immune system negatively. That isn’t news.


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  1. Boonton says:

    Re #1

    Not a good sign when conservatives object to speaking the truth. All Grubner did was speak the truth, children who are wanted have better outcomes than children who aren’t. How exactly is that ‘eugenics’? Eugenics would be promoting more kids from couples with ‘good’ genes and fewer kids with ‘bad’ without regard for what anyone actually wants.

  2. Mark says:


    How exactly is that ‘eugenics’?

    Let’s see, kill the non-white minority babies, how is that eugenics. Oy.

    Here again, just like the my question about Gruber’s obfuscation claim, in which you didn’t ever seem to answer why the Dems where not objecting to this (and my parallel confusion of why the GOP was objecting.

  3. Boonton says:

    Really? He wrote that he would like to kill non-white babies? Show us.

  4. Boonton says:

    So you made two very serious charges here. If you are unable to support them at what point does this fall into the category of ‘bearing false witness’?

  5. Mark says:

    What charges?

  6. Boonton says:

    1. That he is keeping millions as ‘captive Democrats’ (I’ll let you pass on that as standard rhetorical hackery to fill copy)

    2. That he desires to ‘kill the non-white minority babies’.