Monday Highlights

Fourth of July last weekend.

  1. Just remember, bloating and excessive urination.
  2. This silliness is making the rounds.
  3. It’s on my bookshelf (and bucket list, if I had one).
  4. Yikes.
  5. A bad use of the word “but”.
  6. Of Primping and display. I’m unimpressed by the whole experiment. Men who “shave below the neck” are swimmers and bodybuilders. Gosh that’s a horrible thing to emulate. Cyclists shave their legs.
  7. Doctors and basic math and logic.
  8. Don’t worry, famous jurists make logic errors ala little Sonia.
  9. Word.
  10. Religion and life.
  11. Nature photo-bombing.

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  1. Boonton says:


    Reminds me of the police dog who had was only right 50% of the time he detected drugs. The courts ruled he couldn’t be used because he was ‘no better than flipping a coin’. But was he? How many cars carry drugs? Say 5%. Say 10% of cars the dog checks he signals. Even though he is right ‘only’ 50% of the time he is still amazingly able to find every car with drugs while flippoing a coin would only catch half the cars with drugs and would have a false positive rate much higher than 50%.