Wednesday Highlights

And another day done.

  1. Go. My one intuition from playing a little Go in high school is that it teaches you recognize a  non-winning position and abandon that before losses mount. Looking at Japan in WWII, playing the game doesn’t translate that skill to real life.
  2. It was a liberal tenet that fighting terrorism was a legal not military matter. To bad that presumption is both wrong and one held by an administration for almost a decade. (stupid or evil, eh)
  3. Why the left large brained administrators like euthanasia. Solves the GOMER problem.
  4. For the carbon entranced.
  5. Piketty problems.
  6. Taiwan and Tiananmen (HT)
  7. Color me unsurprised.

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One comment

  1. Boonton says:

    #1 Well they did choose to surrender after the atomic blast. If Hitler had opted to surrender after the Normandy landing and after the Russians broke his line in the east he might have been able to make a deal where he held onto the German nation.

    #2. You mean right wing straw man. You’re the one whose gone on and on about drone strikes being illegal, or even better that Al Qaeda planning anti-US attacks from places like Yeman are to be left alone because attacking the US may not be illegal in Yeman!

    #3 You are blissfully ignorant of the treatment of serious medical problems if you think hospital readmissions are a good thing. Hospitals are not good places to be, no just because the TV is crappy and the food horrible. They are full of germs and actually subtract from your health (esp. if you’re old or fighting serious problems). Readmitting people after, say, major operations, because they were sent home with festering infections lowers people’s lifespan, doesn’t increase it.