Monday/Tuesday Highlights


  1. Ms Palin makes a point, highlighting those on both sides of the aisle as hypocrites (those on the left who went after Ms Palin but find this abhorrent when aimed at Ms Clinton and the reverse on the right).
  2. “Deep concern”.
  3. Uhuh.
  4. Let ’em run free, get hurt and all that.
  5. Drones.
  6. Top speed vs cornering, … recall the Zero in WWII, eh?
  7. The elderly.
  8. A demographic prediction charted.
  9. India, anointing and international elite opinion.
  10. Bad science.
  11. Smash, bang, hack.
  12. On Piketty.

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  1. Boonton says:

    #1 Key difference to me seems to be running for an elected executive level position. When Mrs. Clinton officially starts running, she will be asked to release her medical records. If she has suffered a serious brain injury, it should be revealed then.

    Right now, though, continuous medical record release is not a condition of lower level Executive positions (not even a condition at the top)….even if it is Clinton is no longer Sec. of State so it would be an irrelevant demand.

    But let’s also note the false equilivance here. NO ONE accused Palin of faking Trig’s birth. Well not no one in the entire world, no one serious. Unless you show me someone of Karl Rove’s postion on the left doing it, I’m not buying this attempt at the bipartisan fallacy.

  2. Mark says:

    You are holding the position that every causal “private” (I put private in scare quotes .. because for you in speech that is a meaningless term) conversation is up for public scrutiny but … whatever one might find out about Ms Clinton is not (while it was for Ms Palin because “she was running”). Your “not buying it” is only evidence of your somewhat extreme partisanship.

  3. Mark says:

    In the eyes of privacy and public citizenship I’m unclear on what legal distinction you’d like to make about “running” for office as a difference in legal standing vis a vis privacy.