Wednesday Highlights


  1. Shakespeare.
  2. A book for your Lenten journey.
  3. So the latest Obamacare lockstep talking point is “where are the people badly harmed if it is o bad” (which seems to me a really really low bar to set). Well, they asked.
  4. Information and state vs people.
  5. Afghanistan. I think multicultural “Star-Trek” thinking is what is (was) hurting us most in Iraq and Afghanistan. We were too afraid to be American’s and walk in and ask what American’s usually ask, how can we make a buck here (and in exchange you make a buck too). We should be going in like Poul Anderson’s Falkayn or Van Rijn, not like Picard.
  6. Gay activists remark on the Collins/Sam coming “out” and that is on side of the coin. What is missed by all of these remarks is the other side. How Collins and Sam are barely-in-the-game (Collins a 12th man and Sam a late round draft possibility) by their “brave” action getting national attention and SI covers. How brave is it to do something which yields fame and fortune?
  7. So, much has been made of the Thomas/Tobin not talking during oral argument things, e.g., here. Here is from an observer post-remarks. It’s interesting that the negative remarks by Tobin get lots of talk and coverage, but the more damning negative remarks of racism and the North-East elites by Justice Thomas get so little. Could he liberal east coasters be in denial about their own racism?
  8. How not to think about stand your ground.
  9. Oooh, hate crime?
  10. Hypocrisy, for those who are confused on what that term means.
  11. Mr Walker, so liberal attention is making me like him more. Is that their intent I wonder?
  12. And no, brother-sister normally means they share parents. If you share one parent, there is a different word for that. I’ll bet you knew that already though.
  13. Goverment unfairness.
  14. Truth and advertising.

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  1. Boonton says:

    10.Hypocrisy, for those who are confused on what that term means.

    I’d go for this. Viewing assignment: The series True Detective to date. Only 6 episodes to view so far, though you will have to get HBO if you don’t have it. You, of course, should have HBO for Game of Thrones so get it if you don’t. If money is an issue cancel your daughter’s cell phone or eliminate some other expense in your household to make it happen. Sometimes things have to take prioirity!

    I would argue Woody Harrelson’s character, Marty, is a fine example of a hypocrite. His opposite, Rust, is an example of someone who does sometimes not do what he preaches (sort of…kind of a complicated character).

    But in contrast to your link, keep in mind what we believe happens inside a ‘locked room’. It’s not easy to know what someone else *really* believes so we rely upon their actions to help guide us.

  2. Boonton says:

    Re #3 another failure when the story is checked out in more detail,0,4157578.story#axzz2uXREhHKH

    Also a lie, the ACA never made the original plan ‘illegal’. Blue Cross almost certainly cancelled it because it was losing money on her big time.

  3. Mark says:

    The lie here is Mr Boonton telling us it’s not a lie. Read the linked article (and don’t just follow your talking points emails).

    Blue Cross almost certainly cancelled it because it was losing money on her big time.

    That ACA was providing alleged alternatives you are certain never entered into BC’s decision. Oh, wait. You don’t know that. But you claim it. Hmm.

  4. Boonton says:

    From the information provided by the author, Blue Cross was charging $5,000 a month premium. Her medication alone was $14,000 a month not counting doctors bills and operations which I’m sure added to that figure. You’re going to tell us absent the ACA that plan was long for this world?

    On the flip side despite the customer service problems, she found a plan and Humaria’s representatives told her her medication was covered. So it sounds like a pretty clear dispute with her new insurance company which now wants to say her medication wasn’t covered. Assuming she is telling the truth about her conversation, it’s pretty simple contract law…if the company told her verbally her medication was covered and provided nothing in writing saying otherwise beforehand, they are obligated to cover it.

  5. Boonton says:

    Keep in mind that before the ACA, private health plans like the one described had a half life of approximately 2-4 years. Cases like this illustrate why. The 80-20 rule applies, 80% of your costs will be from 20% of your sickest patients. Solution: Kill the plans you carry, make up new plans designed to deter those 20%, then ‘go fish’ from the general population pool hoping to get a new set of customers who are a bit less sick.