Monday Highlights

Ok. Thanksgiving in the bag.

  1. In other news, mixing heroin and meth still bad too.
  2. “not many decades ago …. ” and they were right too.
  3. The more you know, the worse it looks. Apparently.
  4. Some vocals worth your time.
  5. More here.
  6. There may be good arguments against materialism, but those aren’t them.
  7. The “three” things it needs? How about “not being a hoax?” As a better reason than those three.
  8. I see. It’s not “if you like your plan you can keep it” … What he meant to seay was “if you don’t like our plan, you’re screwed.”
  9. Defining “fixing” down. So a billion dollars to a no-bid friend’s company … that went well, eh?
  10. Humor.
  11. It’s always the quiet creeps that you have to watch out for … or how geology imitates child sex abuse, eh?
  12. Hobby Lobby vs Ms Obamacare.
  13. Heh.
  14. Why would he say that? For the same reason Pauline Cael wondered at the Reagan electoral victory.
  15. Nork.


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One comment

  1. Boonton says:

    Re #8

    Hmmm, bottom of the story:
    “Imler is now planning to revisit the site early next year to sign up for coverage. She has been uninsured for almost ten years.”

    So if she’s been uninsured for over 10 years, she certainly isn’t a case of “I can’t keep this plan I love”. As for her ‘being screwed’ since the website won’t let her terminate a plan, to be honest this is the level of frustration with websites most people experience with the private sector at this point. Since she hasn’t been charged any money, if all else fails just create a new profile and enroll in one you want from there. Or if you already know which plan you really want you can just sign up directly with the company that offers it.

    Should all of that be fixed promptly? Of course. Is it really important in terms of health care reform? No it’s not. I warned before that those who are pinning their hopes to the ACA going down over flunky websites are going to be in for a rude awakening.