Tuesday Highlights


  1. Some Olde English history.
  2. How to ride heroically.
  3. Angry parent doesn’t think about what they are doing.
  4. Biological diversity and human ability.
  5. Alas, the cost of moving, fiscal and psychic is so so very high … or not. Regardless, sounds good.
  6. Frodo for President.
  7. Amuzing.
  8. STEM shortage.
  9. Who is at fault?
  10. Yikes.
  11. Limited liability means what?
  12. And why is this not completely obvious?
  13. One reason why not to bomb Syria.

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  1. Well Layman,I fear that you may be right. A gambler first gambles away his own assets, and then starts looking elsewhere for more money to gambler. It’s scary to imagine if this is the case. If you read littlespeck.com, there’s an article suggesting that Singapore may not be doing very well because our MM has become unusually active now compared to the GCT years.

  2. That’s really thinking of the highest order

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