Monday/Tuesday Highlights


  1. Feminism ala Rome.
  2. Not a quiet ride.
  3. How the Vickie’s live (differently).
  4. On altruism.
  5. Cinema. And … I wonder if it’s less a “strength” vs timescale thing here, that temptations work on a fast timescale, while the other two take  commensurate (slower) times to work.
  6. Zuperman.
  7. Scandal and the treasury.
  8. Looks like that’s in the “doesn’t work yet” category.
  9. Whence went shame?
  10. I’m missing the reason why that’s awful.
  11. Sort of binary sandpiles.
  12. Detroit … although how many of the 25 apply just as well to other urban centers?
  13. Advice for your booklist inbox.
  14. One left wing radical unashamed of her bigotry.
  15. So do you think he’s guilty or just a dupe?

One Response to Monday/Tuesday Highlights

  1. 12.Detroit … although how many of the 25 apply just as well to other urban centers?

    On average urban centers have been doing quite well over the last 20 years. Detroit is an outlier, and the blogger asks a good question, “The decline in manufacturing was at the heart of this downfall…but nobody could attract any other businesses?”

    But its not really about attracting business. Detroit has plenty of business, but it has to downsize. Detroit wsa built on a single type of business, huge factory manufacturing that employed men in groups of hundreds to thousands to tens of thousands. When that was going good the city built itself around that type of employment. Now that employment is gone the city is sattled with an infrastructure built upon that premise more than any other. Sometimes you can just repurpose an old structure but other times the easiest thing to do is tear it down and start again with an empty field.

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