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Work started off at a gallop this morning … and an old buddy from my undergraduate collegiate days is in town (1980-84) … so nothing will come tonight. Tomorrow should be more normal.

I tell my kids that I went to college back when dinosaurs roamed the planet, but this being the Interwebs and all, it’s likely I’ll be corrected by someone pointing out that no, dinosaurs weren’t alive in 1980. 😀

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  1. Boonton says:

    I was in college in the early to mid-90’s. The Internet consisted of email and some primarily text based info services like telnet and gopher. The WWW was primitive and it wasn’t clear that it would become the primary vehicle for digital communication over the next decade (I think the browser was called Lynx).

    Our required class on busienss computing consisted mostly of Lotus 123 and mastering its keystrokes. By the time I actually landed in front of a computer in a paying job Excel had just about won the battle over Lotus. I do remember, though, at my first job everyone getting email was a new thing. I didn’t get email because I was a temp., so of course you had to preserve the distinction between classes!

  2. Boonton says:

    Not that I had it but I also remember the Internet was something of a wasteland. Supposedly the good place to be online was AOL or Compuserve. Those free AOL trial CD-ROMs were everywhere.

  3. Mark says:

    Compuserve/AOL was late 80s. I don’t recall any of that in the 80-84 period.

    In the 90s what I remember was Usenet.