Wednesday Highlights

My parents arrive this afternoon from New Jersey …. but in the meantime, links?

  1. The notion that the delay is about anything but votes is hard to imagine. Kinda like imagining an honest politician, eh?
  2. A not impressed movie review.
  3. A protest.
  4. I understand “it’s all about the bike” … but really … it isn’t. Speaking about “the bike”.
  5. Middle class and market democracy … chicken and egg.
  6. Those vanishing bears.
  7. Lighting tech and green energy.
  8. Tips for the ammo buyer.
  9. Some book suggestions for your summer reading. I should make a list like this.
  10. Oooh, someone say “open borders” … so they can be mocked for their stupidity.
  11. Where to follow the Zimmerman trial if you are so inclined.
  12. More climate model watching.
  13. Bones.

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  1. Boonton says:

    Oooh, someone say “open borders” … so they can be mocked for their stupidity.

    Consider what the borders of this country were when it was founded. If you could make it here, you could live here. Today we have more agents on the border, unmanned drones, hundreds of miles of fence, more deportations than ever before (despite fewer people trying to cross). The current bill proposes something like a guard for every 1000 feet of border.

    Let’s face it, if tomorrow we woke up and discovered Obama had reincarnated the Berlin Wall cross the entire border with Mexico, Republicans would say at the same time:

    1. It’s not enough
    2. It proves Obama hates freedom.

    “Loyal opposition” indeed.

  2. Mark says:

    I see. You posit the “insanity gambit” as a rhetorical method. Let me know when you’re thinking of stopping that.

    Open borders is not a sane policy. Do you agree or not? If you want to defend reasonable immigration/border control policy that’s fine and dandy. Open borders however is not reasonable. It is indeed likely that you agree with me on that. If you did find yourself in agreement you’d find similar problems with what I say as what your hypothetical response “Republicans” would have to Mr Obama.

  3. Boonton says:

    “Open borders is not a sane policy”

    In our debates I offer no immigration amnesty for the straw men you try to sneak into the conversation. Between a hypothetical ‘open border’ bill and a hypothetical ‘Berlin Wall’ one, which extreme is closer to the policy positions being put forth by the parties at the moment?

  4. Mark says:

    “open border democrat” gets hits … do you deny they exist? Interesting.

  5. Boonton says:

    “open border democrat” gets hits … do you deny they exist?

    Gets about 10.8M hits in Google. Big foot 28M hits.

  6. Mark says:

    I see, in a week in which Bigfoot gets both a DNA report and an XKCD reference hit correlation of counts signifies … what?

    JA argued briefly for open borders. For example your contention would be that this site and its arguments are made by no Democrats? Of that more Repulbicans might find it persuasive than Democrats … for which argument you might have a case seeing that more Libertarians are likely to be Republicans.

  7. Boonton says:

    And JA’s proposals were incorporated in the current immigration bill?

  8. Boonton says:

    This is a good case of how one plays games with percentages to sensationalize an otherwise rather dull story.

    Women are cheating 40% more! Dig thru the numbers to get to the baselines (not easy, had to click thru two links)…Women are 14.7% so that means they were at about 10%. That’s your ‘40% rise’. If the confidence interval is +-2 points or so you may have an increase that’s only half of that.

    Men are unchanged at 21%, which creates an interesting question: Who exactly are men cheating with? From the sin POV being single and having sex with a married person is adultery just as much as a married person having sex with someone else is. So in terms of adultery every cheating husband has to be paired up with someone else committing adultery. So women have to be roughly equal to men unless you have a minority of women having sex with multiple married men.

  9. Boonton says:

    sorry abou that was meant for another blog. Didn’t you have a delete button once? Hmmmm

  10. Mark says:

    Ah, I saw that original post. I too thought the percentages were stated to make a story were there was pretty much an attempt to make ado about nothing.