Friday Highlights


  1. A film noted … I will be curious how my ex-gymnast daughter perceives this … as a movie to be seen or meh?
  2. Do as I say not as I did, I guess … which is  not exactly convincing.
  3. Luck.
  4. Immigration policy and the cui bono question.
  5. Suckage.
  6. Middle East protest demographic noted.
  7. Girls and boys are different. Someday the progressive elite will cotton that.
  8. Sayings.
  9. Ms Lerner and a history of misuse of agency. (HT) If that quote is accurate she should be in jail.
  10. Syria working on 900 days, at 300 and counting.
  11. Misunderstanding.
  12. Run Koofi run.
  13. The vaster left wing conspiracy.
  14. Pelosi and a failed hermeneutic … what exactly does that woman mean by “sacred?”
  15. Actually … Bond chapel is used on Sunday’s for Orthodox worship (St. Makarios is a mission church holding services there), for which standing is preferred and pews should be removed. So you can relax your anti-Muslim rhetoric.
  16. Continuing a long line of regrettable theology.

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  1. Boonton says:

    Ms Lerner and a history of misuse of agency. (HT) If that quote is accurate she should be in jail.

    Hmmm, simple credibility question. Did Salvi raise these statements in his two appeals back in the late 1990’s? If he didn’t then the charge seems a bit like the Clinton rape allegation, an opportunistic attempt to grab onto an object of current media attention. If he did, it would raise the additional questions of how exactly Ms. Lerner was able to rise so much during Republican administrations and it would horribly undermine your ‘Henry thesis’. Certainly you’re not going to claim back in 1996 Ms. Lerner was channeling ‘jokes’ from Mr. Obama.

  2. Mark says:

    I’ll take that as a “if she said it” then you agree she should have been sacked or jailed.