Monday Highlights

Another day, another ???

  1. Coming soon, to a watercooler discussion near you.
  2. “much more lavish” … another plug for small businesses, which certainly have none of that lavish crap.
  3. Syria and stop digging.
  4. A homily … and a cherished gospel story.
  5. When the proud papa is an artist.
  6. A poll in the UK.
  7. Economics and …, a quote.
  8. Rules.
  9. Your President in action … or is that inaction.
  10. Of government spending and debt.
  11. The left’s¬†anointed¬†spokesperson and his foot in mouth disease.
  12. Freedom of speech in Wales.
  13. That’s very funny … other funny videos by the same guy can be found as well.
  14. Witness and evidence in the Pakistan.

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