Thursday Highlights

Busy morning for me. You?

  1. If our plan holds, this is the next “family” car after the kids move out … or the equivalent in 2017.
  2. A few years in the cellar.
  3. “Mystical” … what does that mean to ABC I wonder.
  4. The standards … they are double, eh?
  5. An aesthetic is a method for evaluating art. By what aesthetic is that worth that much? Not one I might fathom.
  6. Some games and a photo-essay.
  7. Two very different posts on exercise, here and here.
  8. While you’re thinking about the IRS.
  9. Ink on skin meets religion in the Middle East.
  10. OK liberals … defend this! or this.
  11. School and men.
  12. Frakking and the obvious.
  13. He calls it “inexcusable” and is right glad his Chicago training taught him how to have no tracks back to himself on this one … at least as long as those losing their jobs keep their mouths shut.
  14. And we end with a discussion of a fictional figure in popular media.

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  1. Boonton says:

    10.OK liberals … defend this! or this.

    Pretty easy, this is how the conservative mind works. Take headline, don’t explore context, just assume based on stereotypes and whatever makes for the most sensational reading possible. Digging thru to the actual article we find:

    The proposal would ban suspensions of students for “willful defiance,” an offense criticized as a subjective catch-all for such behavior as refusing to take off a hat, turn off a cellphone or failing to wear a school uniform. The offense accounted for 48% of 710,000 suspensions issued in California in 2011-12, prompting state and local efforts to restrict its use in disciplinary actions.

    or this.

    I wasn’t aware the Heritage Foundation’s staffing was directed by liberals. But maybe it is, it would go a long way towards explaining the level of service they’ve been to conservative arguments over the years.

  2. Mark says:


    I wasn’t aware the Heritage Foundation’s staffing was directed by liberals

    And I wasn’t aware California = Los Angeles.

  3. Boonton says:

    Los Angeles is indeed in California, Lex Luthor’s schemes to the contrary.