Friday Highlights


  1. One thing you don’t have to worry about shopping in the Midwestern ‘burbs.
  2. Yah, that will work. So, does that mean the state department is completely ignorant of how difficult stopping a 2 megabyte zip file from being disseminated might be. I mean, why even bother. Setting aside the point that there is no actual reason for them to try to stop it in the first place.
  3. Diversity and USC.
  4. Modern atheism, likely flash in the demographic pan.
  5. Modern reason takes a turn to the dark side. (in which dark implies ignorance and such)
  6. Uhm, Ms Pelosi is grandstanding … let’s see “sequestration” is keeping a very very wealthy woman from “visiting the troops” … does that mean sequestration is keeping her from buying a plane ticket? Nope. Making phone calls? Nope. So how is sequestration stopping here. Answer, ¬†Uhm, no … it’s not and … Ms Pelosi … you are flat out lying.
  7. Impeachment. Although there is no reason to impeach Mr Obama … the Senate has Democratic majority, there is no point.
  8. Fear the duck.
  9. A danish writer of some renown compares Easter/Pascha celebrations in Rome and Greece.
  10. Short answer, no.
  11. A book list.
  12. Used weather, dirt cheap.

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