Thursday Highlights

Well, then …

  1. A little honesty … to bad we don’t get more of that in politics.
  2. Speaking about things needed in politics … we can dream, eh?
  3. Space and fire.
  4. About the WDML.
  5. Spin backfires.
  6. Actually it’s not a “game changer”. Zip guns have been around for a long time. This is just another zip gun.
  7. And on that topic … you do realize there is no actual need to reinforce the notion that the left is completely ignorant when it comes to firearms.
  8. Apparently Ms Clinton had an accurate accusation.
  9. Fracking comes to Asia.
  10. Well, duh.
  11. Yikes.
  12. Boots on the ground, costs, and performance … works for military performance and applies to lots of other things too.
  13. A confession.

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