A Little Airport Exitement

Latent (no net access in tunnel) Live blogging of a tornado alert at the Kansas City Airport. Well, the flight probably will be delayed, is my 2nd thought. My first thought was “what will happen to my family if something happens to me?” and musing about whether things might get “interesting”. Them, ancient Chinese curses. But, most warnings pass without any untoward effects … we shall see. The sky certainly has that light and dark contrasts, with threatening wispy clouds reaching with … “was that a funnel” effects. The entire airport terminal has been evacuated to the parking garage tunnels.

After 25 minutes, the danger passed. Airport services resume… back we crawl troglodytes returning to the surface world. Now to find out how much delay my 7:30pm flight will be penalized. I guess I’m not sorry I don’t have more to blog about.

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  1. Mr. Moderate says:

    I had a close encounter with a tornado last year after the remnants of that hurricane came up through Virginia. I was driving my car, noticed that it got so dark it was almost night. Next I see a weird break where you could see the sky then I look down a little and there is a funnel cloud in the field to my left. I just floored it and watched as my car got pelted by debris from broken trees and stuff. I have never been so scared in my entire life. I still have bad dreams.

  2. Mark Olson says:

    Mr Moderate,

    When I was much younger (and more foolish) I had a somewhat similar (though ultimately less dramatic) experience downstate in Illinois. We were on a 2 hour drive coming North when a co-worker and I observed a twister come across our field of view on the freeway. I pulled under an underpass and we parked. But the sky was dark with patches of light in the distance. The sky was similar in KC tonight. However, the twister never touched ground so it tossed no debris. When we got to the office an hour later both of us were all excited and pumped up and talking a mile-a-minute about it like idiots. We thought it was the “coolest thing” we’d ever seen. You could tell we were just out of school and unmarried young “bucks” by our reaction.