Tuesday Highlights

Vibrating oobleck, interesting.

  1. A meme. Co-ordinated? What’s the stock Dem answer?
  2. Which means …. it isn’t. Pretty clearly in the Gospels the return will be when you don’t expect it. So if you do expect it, guess what logic dictates.
  3. Very cool.
  4. Applauding Hegel from across the aisle.
  5. Well, any thoughts of an upcoming energy shortage just disappeared.
  6. I didn’t get the first one, but the rest were funny.
  7. Future crystal gazing.
  8. Corollary┬áto the Risky Business rule (don’t F with a man’s livelihood) … he gets testy about hobbies too, even if ultra-rich.
  9. The man who siphoned about a billion from governments via climate has little leg to stand on. What still bugs me, is the liberal defenders who will jump quickly to “follow the money” never manage to do so with him.
  10. So … the President’s recent suggestion. Is he stupid or evil? Do you think he knew or didn’t know that they were already illegal?
  11. For the small screen.
  12. Actually, the only time they wouldn’t pass on the costs is if they were hit by this cost increase but no other competitors were. This is not the case so … woops.

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