Monday Highlights

As I noted, I’m switching to evening links, ’cause I’ve got to hit the road before 5am every morning.

  1. Job applications.
  2. Applications with merit or not?
  3. Doodles applied. Some hit, some miss.
  4. Ah, history. If only Western Christians hadn’t put their stock in this guy instead of Augustine (they were contemporaries and left approx the same quantity of writings). A good fraction of why I’m Orthodox today is due to the writings of John Cassian.
  5. The strange fruits of googling oneself.
  6. Sequester and our Presidents (most) recent attempts to re-write history.
  7. Energy bar, paleo style.
  8. Snerk. Jedi mind meld indeed.
  9. So, packing for the archipelago yet?
  10. Putting Genghis in context. Wow.
  11. Holding doors.
  12. Science fiction author looks ahead.
  13. The tribal left. And yes, you’d likely be able to find evidence o the tribal right, that that’s the assumption isn’t it? That tribalism is all on one side of the aisle.
  14. A million mile goober.
  15. Still not a fan of cats.
  16. We’re watching and waiting.
  17. Duck and Cover.

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