Friday Highlights

Well, last weekend we saw “Parker” … and subsequently I’ve downloaded and read two (and am reading a third) Westlake/Stark/Parker books. Daughter #2 wants to see “Warm Bodies” which may be in the offing. On to links

  1. Fancy words don’t make it right.
  2. Need’n a little nuclear power, eh?
  3. Back up a minute, I know you “can’t joke about” that there, but why? And if you figure it’s an infringement, how to stop it?
  4. One of Mr Obama’s most effusive fans realizes he’s been mislead. For the one-liner retort.
  5. Talking drones.
  6. Although I’m more in agreement with this.
  7. Yikes.
  8. Now that’s dumb. Penises, not men, rape women (and criminal insanity, social rage and all that have nothing to bear on that). Cars, not drunk drives kill (social irresponsibility has no bearing). Geesh.
  9. ‘Cause graft is the Chicago Way, duh.
  10. Well, for anyone who doesn’t think there’s an education bubble … think again.
  11. I for one, always hated riding a ITT in a crosswind.
  12. Remember Ms Clinton’s 3am advert?
  13. 3 for Obamacare, here, here, and here.

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  1. Boonton says:

    ‘Cause graft is the Chicago Way, duh.

    hmmm yea that really passes the smell test. The Obama administration is having the DHS buy lots of ammo because, well ammo manufacturers are so friendly towards the administration?

    As I think we went thru before, this has been debunked already

    First the contract is for 5 years.

    Second there is no ‘stockpile’, ammo is delievered as it is ordered over 5 years with 450M being the max. allowed in the contract. So when stockpiles are low they order more under the contract.

    Third, the main consumer of the ammo is the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center which burns through about 11 million rounds a year servicing about 11,000 students. The next largest consumer are all Federal Law enforcement personnel who have to periodically qualify on their weapons. Add it all up and it amounts to about 667 bullets a year for each officer or trainee almost all of which are used in practice and training.

    But while we are on the subject of guns, you may want to look at Sam Harris’s recent piece. You might appreciate a left wing gun control skeptic. Some of his points about rifles.v.handguns in mass shootings mirror your own.

  2. Boonton says:

    Also it seems that the military buys 1.8 billion small arms munitions each year. The est. of 5.5 million rounds a month in Iraq seems cherry picked to hide just how many rounds are used each year.

  3. Mark says:

    And DHS needs rounds at all for what?

  4. Boonton says:

    You didn’t bother reading the link I see.