Thursday Highlights

Good morning.

  1. An acquittal you didn’t notice.
  2. Clean and the germ population.
  3. Zee crimez and ze criminalz.
  4. The argument for (?) assault weapons bans is slippery slope as a good thing?
  5. Trends.
  6. Grey Lady racism.
  7. 1000 words on race politics.
  8. Climate … so at that first link the trend is so so clear, eh?
  9. For the die hard LOTR fan.
  10. A cool game for kids.
  11. Thanks fer that.
  12. The anti-feminist in your midst.
  13. It didn’t work over there, so gosh let’s try it ourselves.
  14. A letter of resignation.

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  1. Boonton says:

    4.The argument for (?) assault weapons bans is slippery slope as a good thing?

    Without reading the link I think it’s not going to go anywhere. The shift hasn’t been enough to make a difference. It’s probably put a stop to silly gun rights laws (such as Michigan’s proposed law to let those with concealed carry permits to bring guns into schools) now vetoed by an otherwise pro-gun GOP Gov.

    What would be truely interesting is, and I don’t know if Obama’s inclined to try it for real, would be to really get the NRA onboard. To do that he would have to offer them something they can’t get on their own in exchange for agreeing to something they don’t want (gun clip limits, assalt weapon ban). Perhaps a law that not only banned certain types of assalt weapons but also combined it with a gurantee gun owners right that required anti-gun states to offer citizens a practical way to get a permit to house or carry weapons rather than ones so stringent that it makes it almost impossible. It would be very tempting for the NRA to go along given that there’s no way they are going to win over states like NY at the ballot box.

  2. Boonton says:

    6.Grey Lady racism.

    Republicans have seem to have adopted Steven Colbert’s definition of racism, which is to pretend there is no such thing as races….hence he will often interview famous black politicians and say something like “I heard you’re black, I don’t know myself since I’m colorblind…people tell me I’m white…”

    It’s not racism to note that someone has been appointed the first black Senator from the South (first since the Reconstruction Era)….then why would it be racism to point out he holds views that do not represent most blacks? If Obama appointed an Orthodox Jew to some position who was highly critical if Israel, supported SSM, and, say, opposed tax breaks for giving to religious houses, would it be anti-semitic to note that the fellow’s positions did not represent those of most Orthodox-Jews?