Wednesday Highlights

Good morning.

  1. So, the Obama campaign thinks Bain Capital is horrible, right?
  2. Meditiations on the fall of (western) Rome.
  3. The 2nd Amendment is not about hunting and sportsmanship. It really is about having guns to resist the government when they go off the rails. If you want to back of on citizens owning “assault” rifles, then you should amend the Constitution, because having real weapons meant for war is what the Constitution protected.
  4. This opinion apparently taxonomically classifies me as a porcupine.
  5. Some gun laws to catch the incredibly stupid criminal, which means the not-criminal (that being crimes of passion).
  6. The usual effect of the restrict guns rhetoric.
  7. Some data for the discussion.
  8. For the Microsoft non-lovers.
  9. Faint praise for Obama’s attack ads. I finally saw the ad over vacation. My children confirmed, and I attempted not to lead them, that this ad led them to support Romney more than Obama. The ad was sleazy, felt sleazy, and the “approved by Obama” at the front labeled who to blame.
  10. Culture, biology and violence.
  11. A love like no other.
  12. South Africa.
  13. Bikes and remembrance.
  14. Walruses are cool.
  15. Women and combat. Testostrone is a very powerful performance enhancing drug. Really.

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  1. Ed Darrell says:

    The ad was sleazy, felt sleazy, and the “approved by Obama” at the front labeled who to blame.

    Though deadly accurate, according to the author. So we learn what bias does — it keeps kids from learning the truth, or keeps them denying the facts.

  2. Mark says:

    I’m surprised to find you admit that the description of Mr Obama as sleazy is “deadly accurate.” Heh.

    I’m also surprised that you’re not in favor or outsourcing. Don’t you want the aid the third world? How to do that without getting work overseas?

    This isn’t what “bias” teaches, if you pretend that the ad was accurate, then the problem isn’t Obama’s bias, but his sleazy presentation that is problematic. So is basing statement on lies. Kinda like basing correct rhetorical point (that America has need to put internal affairs in order) on a lie (that America is no longer “top nation”) keeps people from the truth.