A Little Home Owner Excitement

Apparently common construction practice is to build the sewage out piping from your house to extend 3-4 feet with heavy cast iron piping and to use two to three foot lengths of clay pipe after that. A consequence of this is local bushes and trees have roots seeking water sources find the joints in those clay pipes, insinuate themselves and eventually block the pipe. Which in turns either backs up in a basement drain or in a basement toilet, whichever is lower. Ours chose the drain … and a wonderful outflow of stuff was discovered late last night in our laundry room.

Synchronicity abounds however in that we were this weekend (and still have not finished) watching In Darknessa WWII film concerning a group of less than a dozen Jewish men, women, and children hiding in the sewers in the then Polish Lwow, now Ukrainian city of Lviv. These people owed their life to an anti-semitic sewer worker and the complex nature of Polish/Ukrainian <=> Jewish Polish/Ukraine is explored in the movie. The book on which this is based Girl in the Green Sweater, by my understanding was authored by one of the young girls who survived that which the movie portrays. The synchronicity of course points to the sewage flowing in our basement and in the film … on the same day.


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  1. Boonton says:

    My co-worker had the same thing happen. Were you not hit with numerous advertisements for ‘insurance’ against roots running into your sewer pipe? Any word on why they switch to the cheaper pipe? Is it just to keep the cost of connection lower? Or does it not matter as a determined tree could crush into even an iron pipe? I personally have septic which is ok when it’s not giving you a problem, isn’t when it is.

  2. Mark says:

    Well, the house “switched” long long time ago … it’s a 35 y/old house. My wife suggested the ugly bushes above the pipe aren’t worth the $250 per year to unclog it. They might have signed their death warrant blocking that pipe like that.

    I’ve never seen ads for that insurance, but … that sounds like a late night TV sort of advert. I’m no longer in that demographic.

  3. Boonton says:

    My understanding was that its more of a direct mail thing.