Friday Highlights

Good morning.

  1. Economics of burger and nation.
  2. More econ here.
  3. “See me for dust” a phrase I’d never heard.
  4. Sprawl.
  5. The pro-choice “all life is sacred” conundrum noted.
  6. The other marriage debate.
  7. Our effing regulatory state, which is getting worse all the time. One side of the aisle thinks that’s a good thing.
  8. Moving on up?
  9. A birthday party notion. And the entertainment guest dresses like this (if they’re doing it right).
  10. How to get Americans in the gym.
  11. Some conservatives want to see Obama lose. I think the reason is hidden in the paragraph toward the bottom, i.e., Obama has been awesome at inspiring and recruiting conservatives.
  12. Bad expense management has costs.
  13. Mr Walker and the Wisconsin coerced unions.
  14. Women against raising kids well.
  15. That “popular” mandate, crickets say its not popular.

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