Tuesday Highlights

Good morning.

  1. Green for Spring (and/or Pentecost).
  2. Or what is a flash mob.
  3. We will likely all remain confused about the creationist atheists. Or perhaps go back to calling all polls cricket races, and lots of noise signifying nothing.
  4. Of Conservatism and Orthodoxy.
  5. The sky is falling, oh wait, never mind.
  6. Interesting. I don’t however get the “two databases” reference at the end.
  7. American, debt worse than you imagined. (Keep in mind, the only successful strategy to attack a deficit in recent history is to cut spending)
  8. Jewish = White … or highlighting just some the problems that confront racial reward/racial categorization requirements held sacred by the progressive left.
  9. Banned. Right or wrong?
  10. You can keep your insurance … remember that promise made by the Obamacare supporters. Alas, it continues to be untrue. I guess it wouldn’t be a lie if they didn’t realize things like this would happen. But if they didn’t realize it, they also cannot lay claim be “smart” as they so often prefer. So, stupid or dishonest? Pick.
  11. I begin to suspect that photoshop was involved.

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  1. Boonton says:

    Re 10…

    Nothing has happened. The original insurance is still available, the college just opted not to offer it. The insurance with payout of $100K would count as coverage under the health bill so no doubt students might be irked at paying for a $10K payout policy only to learn that didn’t count as being covered under the mandate, but it’s the college’s choice not to continue to offer the lower quality coverage.

    It’s also odd that they are claiming they cannot offer students a $100K policy for under $2,000. County College of Morris in NJ, a migh higher cost area than Kansas is offers a policy that pays out nearly $50K for basically a bit over $100 per semester (see http://www.bollingercolleges.com/CCM/CCM_FT.pdf). Perhaps the company this Kansas college was using just doesn’t offer the product for under $2K and rather actually shopping around they decided to just drop it all and declare it the fault of the health bill.

  2. Boonton says:

    Likewise Rutgers in NJ offers $50K for $750 a year. (http://www.studentabc.rutgers.edu/faqs/studentinsurance.pdf)

    Why is Kansas claiming they are being forced by the bill to offer $100K? Even if they are it seems unlikely that $2,000 is the absolute cheapest policy they can find.

  3. Boonton says:

    9.Banned. Right or wrong?

    Sounds like it wasn’t really banned, the state operated stores just decided they don’t want to stock the vodka. Presumably private bars and stores are free to buy the vodka if they wish. As for being ‘offensive’, I would like a Mormon to explain why. Presumably polygamy was explicitly authorized by God 100+ years ago and then explicitly banned by God. It would seem then one would be required to think of polygamy as a good thing if you’re talking about 100+ years ago and a bad thing if you’re talking about now, the super old looking picture associated with the vodka seems like it implies 100+ years ago. To say then that the vodka is offensive would seem to be offensive in itself to Mormons!

  4. Boonton says:

    6.Interesting. I don’t however get the “two databases” reference at the end.

    I think I get it. You have a big corporation and what do they have? Multiple databases. Someone needs to track something like how often customers order new parts while accounting tracks new sales. In theory the fields should be exact mirror images of each other (new parts orders = new sales) but maybe they don’t match and no one bothers to reconcile them. One side thinks they are making plenty of sales, the other side sees few sales and whose to say which is the right or wrong system? As you get larger and larger various departments become big enough to create their own systems, even have programmers custom write them from scratch. One day someone tries to map out exactly how many databases or systems are tracking the same information and they end up with a graphic with dozens or hundreds of little boxes and lines all over it.

  5. Mark says:

    In Utah all “package” booze is in state run stores. You cannot purchase alcohol at any non-state run store. Back to banned.

    Many Mormons as noted by the piece aren’t offended.

  6. Boonton says:

    There are no bars in Utah? I’m not at all clear this is technically a ban as opposed to simply a case where a monopoly (state run booze stores) aren’t carrying a particular product.

  7. Mark says:

    You cannot buy package goods (bottles to take home) at bars typically and in Utah. And what distinction are you trying to make between a ban and a state run monopoly deciding to not carry a product.

  8. Boonton says:

    Again do you not simply have a case of a store deciding not to carry a particular product? What if the store (even if its a monopoly) decided not to carry the vodka because it just doesn’t sell very well? Would that be a ban? If you happened to be the one person in Utah who really wanted to buy a bottle of it to take home you’d be out of luck (do they have mail-order outlets now?). Is a state monopoly on booze stores come with an obligation to carry every brand of booze in the universe?