Wednesday Highlights

Good morning.

  1. A discussion of modern heresy. An interesting observation, all theological heresies recapitulate as ecclesiastical errors. That is, errors of “what is God” recapitulate as errors in “what is the Church”.
  2. Who benefits? The value of disinterested parties, and euthenasia?
  3. When a methodology gives blatantly stupid answers, the methodology is suspect. Unless your head his too far buried in the sand to see it. This conclusion, “Although I think I agree that the ideal number of people is zero,” is one such stupid answer.
  4. A liturgical poem sung last night in the Orthodox church(es). For myself the contrast of the repentant harlot washing Jesus feet and Judas greed and betrayal one  of the more powerful connections made in Holy week. (more here)
  5. Country or profession, which is more important?
  6. Atheists debating epistemology.
  7. Of price and principle.
  8. This happens more often than not I think, ads made for one candidate work for the other. Pro-Obama ads are more effective (for example) at moving me towards a sympathetic view of his opponent than not (and vice versa for that matter).
  9. I thought this interesting, in the context of the Derbyshire kerfuffle, the analogy “as the right is to racism, the left is to communism” (and why) as expressed is what I found interesting in particular.
  10. ABC, women, and the Limbaugh kerfuffle.
  11. AGW, NASA and a petition.
  12. 7th graders acting their age.
  13. OK. So all the knuckleheads supporting the notion that the high court didn’t ever rebuff economic legislation since the New Deal now can retract. Those who were lawyers can turn in their degrees.

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