Friday Highlights

Good morning.

  1. Interesting graphic, eh?
  2. Another, this one of the info-sort.
  3. An interesting what-if scenario.
  4. Taking fasting seriously … and not so seriously.
  5. Simple and evil.
  6. Tactics tactics tactics.
  7. A pro-homeless prank.
  8. The UK has gone batty.
  9. A variant of the Cretan paradox and solution.
  10. US elections as viewed from, well, the Andes.
  11. Narratives and peoples.

3 responses to “Friday Highlights

  1. 1.Interesting graphic, eh?

    Indeed, when you can’t argue facts or logic try demagogy. But demagogy doesn’t usually requires at least a bit of logic on your side.

  2. Boonton,
    You’re assuming “interesting” implies some sort of value judgement. It does not.

  3. Never said you endorsed it. Only you are correct in that it is an interesting example of demagogy. If you ever want to write a textbook on rhetoric you may want to see if you can get the rights to that image.

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