Thursday Highlights

Good morning.

  1. A real long historical correlation=causation stretch.
  2. Philosophical patterns … and I think I have to look up the word lacunae.
  3. The DC Regulatory menace, killing fun and profit everywhere it stomps.
  4. Google’s next search move.
  5. Aside from the academic knee-jerk gratuitous insult, the left finally moves against Soros and company.
  6. More on the slut/Fluke kerfuffle.
  7. Liberal blind spots and health care reform.
  8. 2%? Hmm. Of oil, ignoring oil shales, oil sands and other fossil fuels. Lie, damned lie or statistics?
  9. Grist for the stupid party.

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One comment

  1. Boonton says:

    Megan is IMO one of the most tragic bloggers. Few humans have the potential of being so useful, while being so useless. An image I have of her is getting a call from her at 9 AM just as I leave for work….”Come back now! Your house is on fire! Get the firehose, hook it to the fire hydrant and start shooting water on it” As soon as I get the hose attached, though, another call comes in….”All that water is going to ruin the furniture in the basement, it’s going to warp the floors, watch out watch out water damage is worse than many people realize!!!!!”

    So here we see the Affordable Care Act, which before didn’t have any cost controls and was an open ended entitlement is now bad because….well it’s premium support is indexed to inflation!!!! Well actually it’s not bad, it’s great but its bad because they didn’t change Medicare to be premium support indexed to inflation! With people who make it clear you can’t win no matter what you do it makes sense at some point to just write them off.