Tuesday Highlights

Good morning.

  1. Panacea? Nope. “Sucks less” might be a better term.
  2. A PSA for today.
  3. Of Jane Austen and the Russian novel(s).
  4. Very very very slow motion photography.
  5. So is that it? The OWS sees the fundamental problem that if the “1%” have some money then there is less for them?
  6. Mr Tebow terrifying? Really? I’m missing out on the Tebow hoopla I think.
  7. Altered pronunciation.
  8. How not to get excited about math (and how to miss the point).
  9. And on the other hand, this is how to make the argument that one can indeed get impassioned about numbers (or the argument that should have been made above).
  10. Zoom (and boom?).
  11. Forecasting and honesty.

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One comment

  1. Boonton says:

    6.Mr Tebow terrifying? Really? I’m missing out on the Tebow hoopla I think.

    Typical vicimization pimping by the right. Notice no actual ‘Tebow hater’ is cited or example of ‘Tebow hate’ given. On the other hand, plenty of real hate from the right is not even seen. For example:

    Were Tim Tebow using his on-camera time to swagger and preen and lecture the nation on green energy, greedy millionaires, and gun control, his Christ-fixation would not only be permitted, it would be held up as a gaudy rebuke to uncool Christians everywhere, and his pronouncements—as long as he kept his mouth shut on abortion and gay marriage—would never be challenged.

    Really? As if the right doesn’t on a regular basis hold celebrities who embrace left wing causes up for scorn. As if its not the easiest thing in the world to score a laugh and applause line from a right wing audience by tossing off a bash of Al Gore, Alec Baldwin, Michael Moore and so on.