Wednesday Highlights

Good morning.

  1. Mr Cain and scandal. I had a thought, why is a politicians adroitness in handling scandal a good thing?
  2. Mr Paul asks a question about the scandal report.
  3. ‘Tis called heresy.
  4. Some remarks for the “Occupy” movement.
  5. And another.
  6. Officer red-shirt.
  7. Canine manufacture.
  8. Grow your own.
  9. Compensation and value to the nation.
  10. A libertarian concurs with Justice Thomas (somewhat).
  11. Ruth.
  12. Green jobs and multipliers.
  13. And to cap things off, fwip!

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  1. Boonton says:

    1.Mr Cain and scandal. I had a thought, why is a politicians adroitness in handling scandal a good thing?

    I think we are missing a very important piece of info here, what actually happened….and Mr. Cain knows it, we don’t.

    From Cain’s POV, the question comes down to how bad is the truth? If its not too bad then yes you can cite the usual “it’s not the scandal, its the coverup that really hurts”. But that assumes Cain didn’t do anything too bad. But two maybe three women were paid rather large settlements after an investigation by his employer and they were made to sign confidentiality agreements so they can’t tell us the details or defend their case. Cain so far has NOT asked that these agreements be dropped so the facts can come out and instead has been trying to turn the story to be about who leaked what….

    An adroit handler still has to contend with the nature of the actual scandal. If its bad, he has to try to keep it covered up even if it ends up making him look clumsy and not very adroit. Which leads me to suspect what’s behind the charges is bad and if the details come out Cain is going to look like he isn’t a very nice person, which he probably isn’t. Now that doesn’t mean criminal behavior will be exposed or even necessarily actual sexual harassment. He might simply be a cad who likes to make vulgar propositions to women but didn’t take it to the point of harassment but several women saw an opportunity to get a payday from it. If so he may be reluctant to let the details come out given the way the GOP likes to talk about ‘values’ and all….

    My prediction, this is the end of Cain’s run.