Monday Highlights

Good morning.

  1. Looking for disk space?
  2. Our clueless journalists.
  3. 40 below keeps the riff raff out, eh?
  4. Cruise through the lights.
  5. Trains and tracks.
  6. Tea party notion I’m fully behind.
  7. More here. And the left likes to pretend this is a racist notion. It’s hard to imagine a dumber notion.
  8. Bernanke contradicts the President.
  9. So long and thanks for all the fish.
  10. MPGe flawed but a start?
  11. Huh?
  12. Government and patience.
  13. Girls and … scotch or beer.
  14. Windpower and the birds.
  15. Putting our government spending in context.

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  1. Boonton says:

    4.Cruise through the lights.

    How about getting rid of drivers entirely? If cars drove themselves, connected to a transit data processing center, a car can ignore a red light entirely if no other cars are coming. No need to slow down, stop, and then accelerate again. This is not possible for individual drivers since we can’t see the entire traffic grid but a bird’s eye view system could.

  2. Tea party notion I’m fully behind.

    I don’t understand this. Don’t you get that as technology advances, the practical distance between two places shrinks? Local control made sense when people mostly lived and worked in one area for years if not generations. Today, people move around all the time, commute from one state to another, work for not just national but international corporations, and have family throughout the country. Since college, I’ve lived in four different states (switching at least 8 times) while working in just one of them. Would it really make sense to have significantly different laws in each state? For all but the most basic issues, local control is as arbitrary as control based on your astrological sign. The country’s effectively too small for that these days.

    Putting our government spending in context.

    And what about the tax cuts? If you’re using this analogy, you should point out that not only have we radically reduced our income, but that Republicans oppose increasing it so strongly that it’s basically the single issue that they will never, ever compromise on.

  3. Mark says:

    Uhm, cars have been around for more than a few years now. I don’t think the growing use of smart phones and internet is a reason for big government. If anything the reverse as it now makes it harder for a small town cop or individual to keep the lid on local affairs.

    Uhm, the tax cuts are actually smaller than the spending cuts (put in context in the post). Oops.

  4. Boonton says:

    Uhm, the tax cuts are actually smaller …

    Composition fallacy. A gov’t is NOT like a family. NOT like a small or even a large business.

    Uhm, cars have been around for more than a few years now….

    Well they’ve been around about 100 years or so. During that time the diversity in the US has been shrinking dramatically. In the previous 100 years, dramatic cultural and political differences were sufficient to spark a civil war. Not just the big one we read about in history books but small ones too like the Whiskey Rebellion or even the open dissent the Northeast had against national policy in the War of 1812. By WWI this type of disunity was almost unthinkable.

    Since the rise of mass media, our mobility has increased dramatically and our cultural differences have shrunk. For example, its been well charted that regional dialects have been disappearing. ‘English Only’ advocates would have been out of place over 100 years ago when it was quite common to find large regions of the country that spoke German or French or dialects of English that actually required effort to be understood by other Americans.

    The expanding of the ‘local community’ does lean against ‘local control’ in the sense that ‘local’ is now much bigger than it used to be. NJ is a good example of this, with more localities than a giant state like California, it doesn’t make things more efficient or ‘closer to the people’, it encourages rent seeking behavior by local politicians. Media can’t track the games played by numerous tiny municipalities. Finding basic information about your gov’t gets pretty challenging when zipping around at 50 mph in your car means you can pass through ten or more ‘governments’ in ten minutes or less.

  5. Mark,

    I don’t see anything in your comment that demonstrates that you comprehended my comment, let alone that you thought about it.