Thursday Highlights

Good morning.

  1. Contra finger pointing as policy.
  2. A similar attack on Mr Krugman here.
  3. Log-Log plots?
  4. Mr Obama’s last few weeks, allegorized.
  5. “CBO Scoring” … a valid point on the validity of that method, which begs the question … why even have such scoring at all?
  6. Of exertion and repose. (HT)
  7. Interesting language boundary problem.
  8. Foreign policy gaps the GOP might exploit in the upcoming election season.
  9. different cycling Tour.
  10. CelebrityNot celebrity.
  11. Birth control of a different, less celebrated sort. Heh.
  12. The AGW reporting rachet, report on side only, ignore the other. (repeat)

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  1. Boonton says:

    CBO Scoring” … a valid point on the validity of that method, which begs the question … why even have such scoring at all?

    1. IMO it’s not as valid a point as they like to say. The Bush tax cuts were sold as being cheaper than they really were because they are set to ‘expire’. Period dot. If you extend them another year or two or make some or all of them permament, that is a tax cut. Likewise if do not extend them that is NOT a tax increase. The tax increase belonged to Bush who passed them to begin with.

    2. Why have it? Because you have to ‘score’ somehow. The purpose is not so much to create a forecast but to create a scale. How do you measure proposal A to lower the brackets by three points but abolish a menu of deductions against proposal B that raises rates but adds deductions? If you ask advocates both will say their proposals are either netural or even tax cuts. A ‘scoring method’ though gives you somethng objective to compare them against each other. Its value then is not so much in the forecast being accurate but in being objective.