A Quick Update (on my relative silence at this spot)

Sunday night I was directed to fly out for an emergency service call with the East Coast customer at which I’d been during the last two months. Daytimes have been busy and during the evenings Internet has been very very (repeat the “very” for a while) sluggish. Anyhow, I should be home Thursday night at which time … life will resume.

For now, I’m going to try to catch up on sleep and read on the Kindle, at least there the page turns don’t take 3 minutes.

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  1. Boonton says:

    Speaking of Kindle, I’m itching to get either that or the Nook…..or possibly an ipad….I would love to hear anyone’s input. My primary concerns are:

    1. Price price price.
    2. Wifi
    3. What can I do with wifi? Google reader? Post comments here?
    4. Read books, NYT online as well as other sites.

  2. Mark says:

    I have a kindle and a Sony Daily Reader. I haven’t used either as a browser (both ePaper devices I have are 3G not wifi … there is a wifi kindle out, which I think would likely be best at this point given that it’s cheaper and I really don’t need to buy books *anywhere*).

    I think there are RSS feeds you can do with the reader, but I have not. I buy enough books and read enough that because books are often 30% or more less expensive electronically, that savings would pay for the reader (not including the far smaller impact on my shelves).

    The e-Paper display is not fast. However, it only draws power on *change* and takes 0 power to hold an image it is ideal for reading. Plus the technology for the displays are basically small spheres, one side white the other black which are magnetically rotated. So you don’t require backlight to overwhelm the ambient in order to see it (you can read it outside in bright sunlight). If I limit (turn off normally) the cellular links and only turn in on when downloading new purchases (I get the WSJ on the kindle) and keep it off otherwise, the battery lasts for about 2 weeks between charges.

    The Sony company is not as good a bookseller as Amazon. Their prices for books are a little higher in many cases and they don’t offer as much. On the other hand, the kindle doesn’t read ePub, which means library borrowing and a lot of 3rd party books can’t be transferred to and read on the kindle. The screen for the Daily is bigger … and can read about a 1/3 of a page of a PDF without changing sizes. So if you have scanned pdfs or text pdfs that has been a better platform. On the downside, the Daily has a touchscreen for interface and that adds a shiny layer to the screen which can be annoying.

    As far as price, the cheaper kindle is now about $120. But, for example that book you mentioned the other day … I bought it for $10 … the paperback is $12 and the hardcover $18.

    Amazon has kindle apps for your PC (and iPhone and Android) and your bookmarks and page place is transferable across devices, just not for Linux alas.

  3. Boonton says:

    I’m leaning towards a color nook from B&N. I have to ask but I suspect it’s not as good for outside reading as the cheaper B&W version but then I don’t hang out much ‘reading under a tree’. I don’t do the beach much either and when I do I find I’m not good at reading much there anyway. So I’d rather have a full color web browser that also does books and maybe some fun game stuff too.. Charging is not such a big issue for me either. But I’m still up in the air about it.