Monday Highlights

Good day.

  1. Israel and Islam.
  2. Somebody still thinks that conservatives dominate the media. Whatta jamoke.
  3. A gift suggestion. Another here.
  4. Zoom juice.
  5. Mr Obama and detention.
  6. Cinema noted.
  7. Music appreciated … and it got our puppy barking.
  8. Christ is born … 100 short stanzas.
  9. That’s right. It doesn’t have to be partisan. It needs to be personal. 
  10. Shadowing the Nativity.
  11. Breaking silence?
  12. Verse. And more verse.
  13. A SCOTUS brief.
  14. Do like the challenge/response “Christ is Born/Glorify Him” better than Merry Christmas/Happy New Year.
  15. On Prayer.

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  1. Boonton says:

    Somebody still thinks that conservatives dominate the media. Whatta jamoke.

    Actually the argument wasn’t so much about domination but about :

    “[T]here’s a well-developed right-wing media infrastructure in place to catapult the propaganda, as former President George W. Bush put it, to rapidly disseminate bogus analysis to a wide audience where it becomes part of what “everyone knows.”

    And there is. The right will take a lie and run with it, repeating it ad infinitim. When the lie has been fully refuted after megabytes of endless argument, they will keep running with it again after those who refuted it have long since moved onto other things.

  2. Mark says:

    And you think the same isn’t true on the left. You have done exactly the same thing here. You’ve punted out left wing lies/talking points yourself.

  3. Boonton says:

    What wonderful mechanism keeps such an exact equilibriumbetween right wing lie infrastructure versus left wing lie infrastructure? I mean to me it seems like the right hangs together much more whereas the left has many more people who want to go their own way and show themselves to be independent or whatnot. But really, what would make both exactly the same at all times?