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Good morning.

  1. This jumped out at me, “Muslim “ideology…does not believe in a woman’s right to do anything.” … Uhm, I’m pretty sure nobody’s “ideology” believes that anybody has a right to do anything regardless of ontological category (gender, class, or whatever). For that matter, nobody thinks everybody has the same rights the same things either. 
  2. Batman and dead languages.
  3. Apathy (or more technically accidie) is winning.
  4. On Mr Obama’s overwhelmingly unimpressive jurist nominee.
  5. More hope and change for y’all.
  6. The Sherrod lesson.
  7. Cinema … another good discussion here.
  8. Stupid racist tricks.
  9. Carpe diem.

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  1. The Sherrod lesson.

    The Sherrod lesson is that FOX is a lying, race-baiting propaganda machine. Did you see that Rachel Maddow video in which she points out that the major fabricated stories that FOX ran in the last year or two (Van Jones, ACORN, Sherrod) and the one blown way out of proportion before that (Rev. Wright) have all been intended to stir up racial animus among white conservatives?

    Funny how conservatives are trying to turn this into a story about the Obama administration. I mean, it’s true, they were stupid to accept Breitbart/FOX’s story as fact without looking into it (I mean, seriously) but isn’t the real story the fact that the right has this enormous LYING propaganda machine that’s on 24 hours a day just making shit up to stir up hatred and resentment?

    And she wasn’t fired for speech, she was fired because Breitbart & FOX tricked people into thinking that she abused her position to engage in racist behavior. If the story had been true, she should have been fired for it.

  2. Boonton says:

    Actually a few Sherrod lessons:

    1. This puts lie to the idea that the Obama admin. is supposedly biased against whites for blacks. The moment it looked like someone was endorsing discrimination against whites on behalf of blacks she was fired. Granted this is not a huge meme on the right these days but it does seem to crop up.

    2. I’m a bit surprised at the NRO’s complaint that she was fired without a ‘hearing’ and this says something bad about gov’t? Are they serious? In the private sector you are employed ‘at will’. If a boss jumped the gun and fired someone without hearing the full story it wouldn’t even make the news.

    3. It is fair to say that the Obama administration needs to become less jumpy of the right. The right is dishonest, that’s a simple fact. No matter what policies Obama has they will always be radical, socialist, even and so on. It’s one thing to compromise in order to get a worthy policy through but it should be done with the recognition that it’s never going to ‘work’ in the sense that the right will be honest. It simply won’t.

  3. Mark says:

    You guys crack me up. The “enormous” right wing race baiting propaganda machine. Let’s see. Your examples … Van Jones who I had never heard of … wiki notes was attacked by Mr Beck (note != Fox but just one non-news related program, I have no idea what ACORN/Fox News story you refer too at all, and Sherrod. Wright? Huh? He didn’t say that which he was reported to have said. You guys seem confused. Mr Beck is not a reporter nor a journalist. Neither for that matter is Mr Breitbart I understand. It’s curious in a post Rather-gate (Journo-list?) environment you would pretend that the right is the only side “inventing” or slanting news.

    the right has this enormous LYING propaganda machine

    One cable news program? What then are the 4 left wing “lying” cable news programs, the four papers, and the 4 public broadcast shows? Peanuts?

    And she wasn’t fired for speech,

    Which was the point of the linked post. She was fired (and offered her job back) not for speech or acts but just unfounded public accusations.

    1. Not demonstrative.
    2. Are you defending firing without cause. That’s an odd stance for a liberal to take.
    3. The right is dishonest, that’s a simple fact. Uhm. In a era in which Mr Obama (as one example) can’t seem to get an honest statement out, like, ever. Opining that the “right is dishonest” as somehow distinguished from the left is very funny.

  4. Boonton says:

    #2 Actually the firing was for cause, open endorsement in racist customer service. The charge was false, though.

    #3 Not demonstrated by facts or evidence.

    In regards to Rather-gate, it’s interesting when a story that attacked a Republican was proven false investigative committees had to be formed and people fired. None of this happens in regards to the current crop of false stories. (Also the ACORN story you missed was the fact that the footage you saw was highly edited and the conservative blogger neglected to mention the ACORN officials who played along until the ‘pimp’ left and then called police.

  5. Mark says:

    #2. Unsubstantiated rumor = cause. Gotcha.

    Regarding the ACORN thing …. here’s another take, which didn’t quite make the cut in my links post this morning but might be relevant here. CNN is the conservative media? Oh, who knew? The FOX timeline is an interesting point as well.

  6. Mark, this is the kind of thing that drives me nuts and makes me suspect you of arguing in bad faith. Do you honestly believe that CNN is as partisan towards the left as FOX is towards the right? Honestly.

  7. Mark says:

    I’m confused as to the point of your question regarding CNN. CNN played the video and pushed the Sherrod story before FOX did. You’ve accused FOX of being biased … what are you trying to say?

    And for the record, comparing apples to apples that is FOX news reporting to CNN news reporting (not the evening commentary shows) … yes I honestly believe that CNN is as partisan toward the left as FOX is toward the right … although I will also honestly tell you I rarely if ever watch either. I don’t pay for cable and only receive broadcast TV.

  8. Mark,

    yes I honestly believe that CNN is as partisan toward the left as FOX is toward the right

    My point is that this is ridiculous. What do you base your opinion on?

  9. Boonton says:

    I’m unclear, how is CNN as partisan towards the left as Fox is towards the right if CNN played the exact same clip Fox did and even played it first?